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National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program in the Indian Union to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent. It is one of the most prestigious exams in India. Close to 300,000 students (a largely self-selective group of students) appear in this scholarship exam every year, and 1,000 scholarships are awarded, out of which 775 are not reserved. The scheme is open to students of Indian nationality. Students studying in Class X are eligible to appear for the selection process. As it is organized by an official body (NCERT), it is widely regarded by the Government of India as the most prestigious and the most difficult examination at high level in the country

NTSE Pattern at Present


Eligibility Criteria

 Any student who is studying in class 10 can appear for NTSE Stage – I exam. NTSE Stage – I is conducted by state board.

Exam Pattern (Rajasthan)

· Part-I : Mental Ability Test(MAT) + Language Comprehensive Test (LCT) (English / Local Language)

   MAT : 50 questions, 50 marks ; Time Allowed : 45 minutes

 LCT  : 40 questions, 40 marks ; Time Allowed : 45 minutes

· Part-II : Scholastic AptitudeTest (SAT)

   SAT : 90 questions, 90 marks (35 Q. from Science*, 20 Q. from maths, 35 Q. from SST)

    * In Science 12 questions are from Physics; 12 questions are from Biology and 11 questions are from Chemistry.

 Time Allowed : 90 min 

   Note   : There is no negative marking in NTSE Stage - I 


 SAT: The syllabus for Mathematics, Science and Social Science will be broadly based on the prescribed respective State Board Syllabus from Std 9th- 10th class. Few states like Kerala refer both state board and NCERT books while few states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh ask questions primarily from their state board books.

 MAT : General questions

 CLT : A state board book covers a lot. More focus is on vocabulary, grammar and basicunderstanding. In 2013 – 14 and 2014 - 15 Language in first stage is of qualifying nature only.

Result Declaration

 The results of NTSE first stage comes in Feb - April, varies from state to state. There is no fixed date.


Eligibility Criteria

 Students who qualifies first stage are eligible to appear for the national level examination (about top 4000+ students from the entire country). Students studying overseas but are Indian citizens can participate in NTSE second stage directly.

Exam Pattern

· Part-I : Mental Ability Test(MAT) + Language Comprehensive Test (LCT) (English / Local Language)

 MAT : 50 questions, 50 marks ; Time Allowed : 45 minutes

 LCT : 50 questions, 50 marks ; Time Allowed : 45 minutes 

· Part-II : Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

 SAT : 100 questions, 100 marks (40 Q. from Science, 20 Q. from maths, 40 Q. from SST)

    Time Allowed : 90 min

   Note : From 2013-14 there is negative marking (-1/3) in NTSE second stage. 

Result Declaration

 The results of theNational Level Examination second stage shall be out by July–August or even September some times.


The students who qualifies second stage are eligible for scholarship. The amount of scholarship has been enhanced to Rs.1250 per month for class XI and XII and Rs.2000 per month for students studying under graduate and above. It starts immediately after the result. In case students have not received the letter from NCERT after 5 weeks of the declaration of the result, they should contact NCERT for updates.The scholarship is expected to increase up to 4k-5k in next few years. Increased to Rs.1250 and Rs.2000 as per the orders in July 2014 There are no restrictions like parental income, govt school, domicile etc. In case student visit abroad for studies the payment of scholarship will stop.


15% scholarships will be reserved for students belonging to the SC category, 7.5% scholarships for students belonging to the ST category and 3% for Physically Challenged Group of Students.