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Forms available for ntse

NTSE_FORM2016.pdf Download


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Forms available for stse, download instructions  and form


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Ntse 2015 -2016  forms are out. Download  form and instructions from the site.

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Students ....We welcome all the post you would like to submit on the blog.

Send your content with images and flow diagram required to

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When an object is experiencing uniform circular motion, it is traveling in a circular path at a constant speed. If r is the radius of the path, and we define the period, T, as the time it takes to make a complete circle, then the speed is given by the circumference over the period. A similar equation relates the magnitude of the acceleration to the speed:

These two equations can be combined to give the equation:

This is known as the centripetal acceleration; v2 / r is the special form the acceleration takes when we're dealing with objects experiencing uniform circular motion.  

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(1)If in a network of resistances line joining terminals in an axis of symmetry then
 (a) corresponding same point will carry same current.
 (b) If network is folded about this axis of symmetry then equivalent resistance does not change.

 (2)If in a network of resistances the perpendicular bisector of joining terminals is axis of symmetry then
 (a) corresponding points will have same current but their directions will be different with respect to axis of symmetry. 
(b) If a resistance is lying on the axis of symmetry then it can removed without changing equivalent resistance. 
(c) all the points lying on this point will have same potential. 

(3) If in network of resistances if all the resistances are became n times then net resistance will n times.symmetrical along vertical axis...

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There are 3 stages of the preparation 

1.Building the concept 

2.Application of concept 


Application of concept should be in proper manner.Building of concept is not that much tough in physics but building proper concept in the right direction is difficult. Lots of you guys understand quickly but don't get succeeded in exam because of the aptitude in applications.

Always start with basics. 

Don't run through a bundle of books instead go through one book properly line by line like in physics you can start with H.C.Verma . 

Solution of the problem makes the question of no use.try to solve it yourself, give your time but if taking time again go toconept and solution and try the question again without any support. 

Apply conceptual approach...

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Keep on visiting the class 9th and class 10th exercise  section for the practice.   

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All the best to all the AIPMT exam aspirants.......good luck and best wishes...

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I welcome you all at physics class. Keep visiting the page and stay updated for more information in physics.

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