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Till then attempt this short quiz on coulombs law and click on the below link



Attempt this quiz by Friday 28th April 2017.result would be published here on Saturday.

Welcome to Physics Class by Abhishek Agrawal

Result  coulomb law quiz

Name                           Percent
Anirudh Vijay               80
Ankit                              73
Aryan Gera                    93
Atharva                          73
Bhavya Bhatia               73
Bhavya garg                  80
Dhruv Sehra                  60
Falguni Mehta              60
Gaurika Singh               87
harsh beniwal               87
Harsh Vardhan Singh  73
karan                              33
Khushal Sharma           80
Kushal gupta                 93
Malika Gupta                 80
Pathik Sharma              80
Pranjal                            73
Swastik                           27
Tushar jagarvad            80
Yash                                60

Abhishek agrawal is a faculty in physics guiding students from more than 7 years. His approach in the subject is lucid and smooth to understand easily by kids.He wanted to make the subject so simple that physics fear is always out of the mind. His experience in guiding various students of jee,cpmt,ntse and other competitive exam can be beneficial for the students for their preparation for the success.

Here in a platform created for the students and parents to make them available all the necessary material for the students including theory notes, practice sets, online quizes, discussion forum,previous year papers etc at single place so that surfing time for the required material can be reduced.